Features of Zimbra Converter

Zimbra Migration

Complete Zimbra Migration

The software provides to convert all items like Emails, Address Book, Calendars, Notes, Tasks etc from Zimbra Mailbox to MS Outlook.

Convert Zimbra Emails Meta Data

Flawless Conversion of Email Meta Data

Details in emails like To, Cc, Bcc, From, Sent date, Receiving date, etc all are converted. Likewise, the data of contacts and others are as efficiently converted.

Convert Zimbra to Microsoft Exchange

Convert Zimbra to Microsoft Exchange

Another noted efficacy of the software is about Zimbra to Microsoft Exchange Migration. Quickly converts all Zimbra files (i.e - messages, contacts, calendars, notes, etc) into PST file and then imports those converted PST file into Exchange Server. Know more about Zimbra to Microsoft Exchange

Move from Zimbra to Office 365

Migrate Zimbra to Office 365

Zimbra Converter allows you to migrate Zimbra mailboxes to Office365. It enables users to move each Zimbra user mailbox into their Office365 account. For this, first you need to convert Zimbra mailboxes into Outlook PST file and then import converted PST into your configured Office365 account.

Convert Zimbra Emails and Attachments

Convert Emails with Attachments

The attachments are as much a part of the conversion as they are of the emails. The software swiftly moves attachments along with the emails.

Convert Emails with exact formatting

Convert emails with exact formatting

The emails are converted with the original formatting (i.e – HTML, RTF, Layout, Links, Background, etc). You won’t see a single formatting out of place, when you view the emails after the conversion.

Retains Folder Structure

Folder Structure Retained

While carrying out the conversion, software retains the same Zimbra folder structure thoroughly in the MS Outlook, without any change or damage.

Batch Process Supported

Batch Process Supported

The software wholly facilitates the conversion of files in batches. The beauty of this facility is, you may have hundreds and thousands of files, but being able to select several files at once, it is still a matter of few minutes for you get all of it converted.

Zimbra Mail Converter automactically save converted data in new .pst file

New PST Files Automatically Generated

The Zimbra Mail Converter automatically saves the data in Outlook Personal Folder and the software arranges for the data to be saved in their respective folders (emails saved in email folders, contacts in contacts folders, etc).

No 2 GB limitation

No 2 GB Limitation Issue for Converted Outlook PST File(s)

Converted Outlook PST files will be in UNICODE format, so there is no 2 GB file size limitation as imposed by Outlook in case of ANSI PST files.

Fastest & Stable Email Migration Solution

Fastest & Stable Email Migration Solution

Even with large amount of zimbra files, converter will make the process of conversion possible in minutes. 
(We have Tested tool on a sample of 870000 Messages amounts to 32 GB of data)

A Solution for easy excecution

A Solution for easy excecution

Technical solutions is often mind-boggling to many, but that won’t be the case in here. Even without technical knowhow, the Zimbra Converter (even with its fast speed) would work well for you. The GUI is really simple, so are the instructions and any help other than that is provided by our support team.

Convert Zimbra Mails without Zimbra Desktop

Zimbra Desktop NOT required for Conversion

This software does not require Zimbra desktop to convert Zimbra files. So, whether you want to convert emails, contacts or others, only having the files will do.

Supports all MS Outlook editions

Supportive of entire MS Outlook Editions

All MS Outlook Editions are acceptable. So, you can have your Zimbra files converted into various MS Outlook versions, like 2003, 2007, 2010, 2011 and 2013.

Operable on Windows OS

Operable on Windows OS

The solution is Windows based; you can get it to work on a wide range of Windows OS. The Windows editions supported by this software are Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows 2000.

Simple Steps to Convert Zimbra to MS Outlook

Below, we have shown the procedure of Zimbra to Outlook Migration step-by-step, alongside explaining the necessary details. Images have been put in use to point out the exact options, saving locations, etc, which are requisite to competently carry out the conversion procedure.

Step 1 – Export .TGZ File

To start the process, import emails, calendars, contacts, tasks to .tgz file (Tar G-zipped file) from Zimbra Email Client.

Step 2 – Unzip .TGZ File

Unzip the .TGZ file having all the emails, contacts, calendars exported from Zimbra.

Step 3 – Use Zimbra Mail Converter

For Zimbra Mail Migration, download and install the SoftSpire Zimbra Converter. Read more...

Screenshots of Zimbra Mail Converter

If your are eager to catch a quick glimpse of the software, check-out the whole screenshot presentation for Zimbra Mail Converter. The screenshots are offered here to help you identify the software better.

Working Video of Zimbra Converter

Video is being created for you so you can watch the Zimbra to Outlook Conversion step-by- step. You might have already read the steps as given in the main page, now you can watch the software in action. This video is particularly helpful in pointing out the exact options that you are to choose to carry out the conversion procedure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Zimbra Converter works on Windows 8 and other Windows OS editions

Zimbra Installation is not required, but Microsoft Outlook Installation is must for converting Zimbra Mails to Outlook.

Follow some simple steps, start your Zimbra desktop » Go to Preferences » Go to Import/Export option (which is shown in left side of your screen) » select Export option » then mark which information you need (Mail, Address Book, Calendar, task, etc) » finished. And get all information in Zipped .tgz file. Read here detailed steps...


What folks are saying about Zimbra Converter

Finding the right Zimbra Mail Converter was painful and it was not until I got this one that I could breathe out in relief. It has been a few months now and what service and efficiency does this tool brings to me! Now looking back, I can say that the pain I have gone through in its search was all worth it. reviews about Zimbra Converter

Gary Williams, France

Searching the solution for converting Zimbra files was as puzzling at first, as it was exhausting later on. But it was well worth it, because the minute I got Zimbra Mail Converter my professional life was to be transformed into easy and swift mode. In here got the solution, which was to stay with me to the present day.reviews about Zimbra Mail Converter

Thomas Sargant, United Kingdom


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