VCF to CSV Program to Convert Multiple VCF files to CSV file in easy steps

Convert Single as well as Multiple VCF to CSV in single conversion cycle !

When you are searching for VCF to CSV conversion solution, you may find several ways to convert VCF files to CSV on the web โ€“ but most only do one VCF file at a time. You might have the need to transfer about thousands of VCF files into one CSV file for a mail-merge โ€“ so one VCF at a time will be a time consuming process and will not be helpful too.

To convert multiple VCF files to one CSV, go ahead with SoftSpire vCard Converter that provides users to convert as many as VCF files to one CSV (Comma Separated Value) file. New version of the vCard Converter is ready with multiple conversion option โ€“ Outlook, Excel & CSV. It adds support of a large number of fields, supports vCard 2.1 & 3.0 and confirms to the 100% successful VCF to CSV conversion.

Download & use SoftSpire vCard Converter - to convert VCF to CSV in bulk.

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Importing VCF to CSV is easy with vCard Converter !

Importing VCF contacts to CSV help users in importing VCF file contents to many email and address book clients as once the CSV is created out of VCF files it can further be imported into may different programs like Mac Mail, Gmail etc. The process of importing VCF to CSV is easy and simple with vCard Converter and involves simple 5 steps:
  • Download & Open vCard Converter.
  • Select vCard files using Browse vCard File button.
  • Choose saving option as Excel/CSV from the screen.
  • Click Convert vCards button and choose the saving location to save new Excel file.
  • Open the new Excel file and save its as CSV. Go to File » Save As and then choose CSV from the list of Save as Type.
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Download vCard Converter to Convert VCF to CSV

Download and Try vCard Converter software to import VCF to CSV for FREE.

Download vCard Converter

The free demo version of the software converts only 5 VCF files or 5 contacts from VCF having multiple contacts. Demo version is confined to conversion of one VCF file at a time as the Batch conversion in multiple VCF files option is obtainable only with Licensed version of vCard Converter.

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