Features of vCard Converter

Import end numbers of vCard contacts

Import innumerous contact data with complete accuracy

You might have any number of name, address, phone number, job title, email ID, website etc to convert, but the vCard to PST Converter merely requires a few clicks to get all information wrapped up in the span of few minutes, even so, the accuracy of the data is guaranteed.

vCard to Outlook

Importing vCards into Outlook with perfection

Neat, precise, swift and fast are the words that would become invariably associated with this product to import vCard into Outlook. The software accurately imports all vCard contact information like names addressesfrom vCard to Microsoft Outlook saving them in new Outlook (.PST).

vCard to Excel

Facility to import vCard into Excel and CSV

This software might also provide to convert the vCard files into Excel and CSV format. After the conversion of vCard data into Excel, the user would easily be able to view each contacts in a separate rows and there will be separate columns for each contact fields/informations.. 

Convert Batch vCard to MS Outlook

Supports batch vCard conversion procedure

The vCard Importer offers you the conversion facility in both single mode and batch mode. While in single mode the files are converted one by one, in batch mode, you can import multiple vCards to MS Outlook & Excel by selecting a whole folder (containing several files) would be converted at once.

vCard Convert supports all vCard editions

Workable with all vCard editions

The software provides to convert vCard files of all versions like 2.1 & 3.0, so there is no fear of incompatibility to be faced. Even if you want to convert contacts of the version of 2.1 and 3.0, the software perfectly plays into it.

conversion of vCard of images and photographs

Conversion of images and photographs

While converting vCard to Outlook, it helps to have images and photographs accompanying the contact details. If so, then the vCard Importer has the advantage of importing the images and photographs, alongside the contacts details.

import multilingual characters

Allow to import multilingual character

The software supports the conversion of multilingual data, so you did be able to convert information in various other languages other than English. It goes on to make this tool quite valuable for cross country dealings.

open converted vCard files into new PST file

Automatically creates PST files to save vCard data

After being imported from the vCard files, the data automatically gets saved up in the new PST files that are freshly created by the MS Outlook. So, an efficient management of the files is guaranteed after the conversion.

All vCard applications

Converts vCards from various applications

The tool capably works out the conversion of vCard files belonging to various email clients (Outlook Express, Entourage, MAC MAIL, PALM OS, Thunderbird, etc). It also offers to convert vCard files from Blackberry, iPhones, cell phones, iPods, etc.

Quick solution

A great time saver

With a neat procedure and its swift execution time efficiency comes guaranteed with this Batch vCard Converter tool. Adding to that, the option of batch vCard conversion takes the time saving quotient a few notches higher.

simple GUI

User friendly solution

Coming at the price of 49 USD, the software is easy on the user’s pocket. As for following in the instructions to smoothly sail through the whole procedure, a user-friendly GUI is there to ensure it throughout.

Compatible with all Windows versions

Compatibility with Windows OS

The vCard to Outlook Converter is Windows based solution; hence, you are never in trouble about making it work on Windows OS, whichever edition you might choose, including that of Windows 7, 8.0 and 8.1.

workable on different MS Outlook versions

Workable with various MS Outlook editions

The software capable of importing the vCard files into any one of the latest editions of Ms Outlook. It allows to import vcf to Outlook 2013, 2003, 2007 and 2010 (32 bit or 64 bit).

Working Steps

Step 1 – Locate & Select vCard (.VCF) file

First Step is to locate & select vCard (.VCF) files. At this step, you can select vCard in single or batch mode..

Step 2 – Choose Saving Options

After selecting vCard files, you can choose saving options and modes of conversion (normal or advanced mode). There are 3 saving options available, Outlook, Excel or CSV.

Step 3 – Start conversion

Click on Convert button to start conversion procedure for Converting vCard files in your chosen format. Read More


Screenshots View of Software

Check the screenshot of the software. This screenshot fully displays all the options that would help with the conversion of vCard files into Outlook, Excel and CSV.

Working Video

After having read about every details and step of the vCard to PST Conversion, if you still are unsure on how to make a go about the procedure, then this video is sure to show you the way to proceed about it.

Free Download


Limitations of Trial Version
Demo version of the program converts first 5 contacts from vCard files or standard VCF file and restricts Batch Conversion mode There is no charge for using the trial version.

Satisfied with the trial? Get the Full License at $49


Current version: v3.7
File Size: 1.52 MB


Frequently Asked Questions

On which of the Windows versions is this solution workable?

Yes, this solution is workable on all Windows OS versions, including 8 and 8.1.

The efficiency of the program does not fade while converting multiple files (batch) instead of a single file. However, for batch conversion, all the files are to remain in a single folder.

Absolutely not! Our software promises complete safety to every file, data and information, which also includes any images or photographs the contacts file might have.

The solution is workable with all the versions of MS Outlook and MS Excel, from version 2000 onwards.


What folks are saying about vCard Converter

Converting hundreds of contacts files from vCard to PST, without missing single information! Incredible isn’t it. Well it is the real thing with vCard to PST Converter. Don’t believe me? Try and see for yourself, if you may. Testimonial

Gary Williams, France

Unbelievable! Today I convert can hundreds to vCard files into PST and also provide option to convert vcard contacts to csv, doing nothing at all (barring the few clicks). I literally dump the whole responsibility on this tool, just to have it all attended to in a few minutes.Testimonial

Thomas Sargant, United Kingdom


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