Features of MDaemon to PST Converter

MDaemon in MS Outlook

Easy access to MDaemon in MS Outlook

After efficiently carrying out the conversion from MDaemon to MS Outlook, this tool automatically saves the MDaemon files in the PST format, making it altogether easy for the user to access and view MDaemon Mails in Outlook.

batch conversion for MDaemon to PST

Facility for batch conversion

The tool is capable of converting unlimited files, but if there is any urgency for you to convert batch/batches of MDaemon files, then the software also offers batch conversion facility.

convert entire emails properties

Entire email properties to remain intact

You may convert files from any mail folder Inbox, Outbox, Trash, etc. After the MDaemon MSG files to PST conversion you will find the emails information (To, Cc, Bcc, Sent date, etc) and emails formatting (layout, images, HTML, RTF, etc) intact.

convert attachmnets of MDaemon emails

Complete support for attachment conversion

Like the emails, this solution also fully provides for the conversion of the attachment files. Even in case of attachments, complete care is taken to keep the files free of unwanted alteration.

Save converted MDaemon emails into new .pst file

Open the converted files in new PST folder

After the conversion the files are automatically saved in new PST folder. You can directly go to that PST folder check out the files which you recently converted from the MDaemon.

MDaemon Converter - fast & easy solution

A conversion solution for easy and fast execution

The instruction and all the details provided for conversion are easy to understand, adding to that, the user-friendly GUI as this makes it even easier to execute the conversion method. The tool itself is really fast on the conversion, complete the whole procedure in few minutes.

MDaemon installation is not required

MDaemon installation not mandatory

You indeed can go ahead with the conversion, even when MDaemon is not installed in your system, just having the MDaemon files would suffice. But the installation of MS Outlook is mandatory.

Maintain folder hierarchy

Folder hierarchy maintained

The structure of the folders is not altered in the course of conversion. The folders remain in the same structural order throughout the whole procedure.

Support Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007, etc

All MS Outlook versions supported

The software is workable with various Ms Outlook versions, i.e – Ms Outlook 2000, Ms Outlook XP, Ms Outlook 2003, Ms Outlook 2007, Ms Outlook 2010 and Ms Outlook 2013 (32 bit).

Support Win 8.1

Windows based solution

This solution is designed for the Windows based machines. The solution is workable on all Windows OS versions, including Windows 8 and 8.1.

Simple Steps to Convert MDaemon into Outlook

Here we have elaborated the whole MDaemon to Outlook Conversion procedure for you, explaining every step on details. The steps have been discussed in exact succession as it is to be carried out.

Step 1 – Run the software

Start>>Program Files>>MDaemon to PST Converter>>MDaemon to PST Converter

Step 2 – Choose conversion option –

i) Add MDaemon Email Message (s) – Convert single file

ii) Add MDaemon Message (s) Folder – Convert multiple files

Step 3 – Start Conversion Process

Click on “Convert MDaemon Messages”.

Screenshots of MDaemon to PST Converter

Check out the screenshot of your software. Wherever might your software feature you can always identify it the minute you catch a glimpse of this software.

Working Video of MDaemon to PST Converter

Here we go. Watch the whole of MDaemon to PST Conversion in action. Know the procedure by every step and option. This video sums it all up for you, to help you know how to approach about the procedure and carry it off with full confidence.

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Limitations of Trial Version
Download the trial version, to check out the working procedure of the software. For the trial, the software allows you to convert 10 mails and provides you a good opportunity to check out every details of the software.

Satisfied with the trial. Get the Full License at $99

Download MDaemon to Outlook Converter

Current version: v1.2
File Size: 1.71 MB

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Frequently Asked Questions

We absolutely guarantee you that the folder hierarchy you are so concerned about is not up for any change at all, let alone the unwanted one. Well known as it is for its conversion procedure, SoftSpire MDaemon to PST Converter also well reputed for maintaining the folder hierarchy throughout the conversion procedure. You can ask any of our clients to testify it for you.

Yes, it is totally possible to carry out the MDaemon to PST Conversion, without installing MDaemon; but you definitely need to install Ms Outlook.

Yes, it works with any version of Windows, including 8.1.


What folks are saying about Mdaemon to PST Converter

Before getting this software, a mere attempt at MDaemon to MS Outlook conversion used to be a torture. But now all has been taken care of, for good. Testimonial

John Clarke, France

The MDaemon to PST Converter is definitely the tool for you, if you want safe conversion of all your emails from MDaemon to Outlook. Getting this tool was a big step which proved to be wholly successful for me.Testimonial

Tina Reynolds, United Kingdom


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