Features of DBX to MBOX Converter

DBX to Thunderbird

Convert DBX to Thunderbird

The software facilitates to convert and view DBX files in Thunderbird. The software also has the facility for DBX to Thunderbird conversion in batch mode. Read More......

DBX to Mac Mail

Convert DBX to Mac Mail

This solution would enable you to view DBX files in Mac Mail. Using this software you may convert the DBX files into the MBOX format and then import and open them in Mac Mail. Read More...........

DBX to Entourage

Convert DBX to Entourage

This software would help you to instantly convert Outlook express DBX files into MBOX format. Once you have converted the DBX files into the MBOX format, you can easily import and view the DBX data in Entourage. Read More......

DBX to Evolution

Convert Outlook Express to Evolution

Using this software you would instantly convert the Outlook Express mail files into the .mbox format which you can simply import into Evolution to view them. Read More.....

Preserves read and unread status

Preserves read/unread status on emails

The software also maintains the read and unread status on the emails. If the emails are not read, then they would carry the “unread status” even are the conversion from Outlook express DBX format to MBOX format.

batch convert Outlook Express DBX files

Batch DBX File Conversion

This software allows collective conversion of files. You may select as many files as you have and get them converted at once into MBOX files. For this, you can add folder having multiple DBX files in it.

original on-disk folder structure

Preserves the original on-disk folder structure

The conversion would not affect the on-disk folder structure. After the conversion the folders are managed in exactly the same order as they were done previously.

Work on Command line

Command line version

The Command line version ensures continuity of the conversion procedure. If there will be any interruption due to any possible reason, conversion procedure resume on its own with the help of command.

save meta-data

Restoration of meta-data

While converting the Outlook express emails this tool ensures the complete safety of the Meta details. So, you would have the emails converted with every Meta data (To, CC, Attachments, etc) intact.

Easy tool

Easy method for conversion

The method barely consist a couple of steps and you need to make few clicks to export complete data from DBX to MBOX. The user not only has a few easy instructions to follow, but as user-friendly a GUI to carry it all out with complete ease.

Windows OS

Compatible with Windows OS

This solution is wholly Windows based. It is designed as such befitting to run on any Windows edition, i.e. – 2000, 2002, XP, 2003, Vista, 2007, 8 and 8.1.

How DBX to MBOX Converter Works


Step 1 – Run software

Download the software >> Run >> Launch >> Start



Step 2 – Add DBX files

There are two options for it (1) Add DBX file (2) Add folder having DBX file


Step 3 – Start conversion

Simply click on “convert message” to start the conversion procedure.Read more...

Screenshots of DBX to MBOX Converter

Watch out the screenshots of DBX to MBOX Converter for the reference. Once catching the glimpse of these screenshots, you would know where to look for your software.

Working Video of DBX to MBOX Converter

DBX to MBOX Converter video, celebrating the success of our product worldwide, we have decided to make it a bit easier for the users. Now, one can forgo reading the manual and head straight for the video to know how to go about the DBX to MBOX conversion.

Download DBX to MBOX Converter

This download link belongs to the trial version, which is provided for your benefit, in order to help you understand the whole conversion procedure. This trial version would give you an experience of the DBX to MBOX Conversion procedure, before you acquire the license key.


FREE Download

Limitations of Trial Version
The demo would convert the first 5 emails from each DBX files to MBOX.

Satisfied with the trial. Get the Full License at $49

Download DBX to MBOX Converter

Current version: v2.3
File Size: 1.23 MB


Frequently Asked Questions

No, Outlook Express installation is not necessary, only you need DBX files and you would be able to perform the conversion.

MBOX format are supported by Thunderbird, Entourage, Mac Mail, Evolution, etc, you can easily convert your Outlook Express emails into mentioned email clients.

No, there is no File size limitation; you can convert any size of DBX file into MBOX format.

INo, DBX to MBOX Converter software is Windows based program.

If you want to open MBOX into Entourage or Mac Mail which are Mac OS email client, than first you have to perform DBX to MBOX conversion in the windows Based machine, then you can transfer the Converted MBOX files into Mac OS machine via pen drive or some other external tool.

Opinion shared about DBX to MBOX Converter

While purchasing the DBX to MBOX Converter, I fervently hoped for my work to become a bit easier. But to have it become this easy was a pleasant surprise. I happily recommend it to anyone

Tony Atwood, France

Getting the DBX to MBOX Converter has considerably eased out the whole working. Now, we are much more organized and neat with the task of converting hundreds of DBX files into MBOX and we do it much more quickly

Richard Daniel, United Kingdom


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