Why User Need to Convert vCard File to Excel and CSV Format

As we all know lots of people use Excel Spreadsheets to keep their contacts and all other information such as contact name, address, email address etc because its user friendly and have great features. With Excel it is very easy to store contacts, user data; you can easily perform numerical calculation, adjust layouts to generate the output and reports to share with others and can format cells.

Different users have different reasons for converting all their vCard (.vcf file) contacts And all other information to Excel that may vary according to their needs; some want to maintain a database of all the contacts to manage them easily for further use, for some the Excel sheet provides a convenient way of sending all the contact details in emails as attachments and many more.

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Convert vCard to Excel/CSV with Benefits and without much Hassle

Do you have your all important contacts and important email address in vCard file? Wants to move vCard to Excel and CSV format? There are times when you need to transfer vCard into Excel format so as to manage your contacts and mailing list or email list for clients properly. In excel it is very easy to handle and mange mailing list to transfer and send contacts and all important information to distant client. Excel makes it easy to generate custom output with very flexible formatting and annotations that you can add anywhere. Converting hundreds of vCard files into Excel .xls file is a typical task that cannot be done manually, so you need a 3rd Party tool & utility to convert vCard contacts to Excel and CSV format with perfection.

Convert vCard files into Excel with Benefits and without much Hassle

The vCard to Excel Converter tool is easy to use with attractive and user friendly features where as many .VCF file(s) can be listed and converted to Excel (.XLS file) & CSV (comma separated values). User can effortlessly transfer contact, name, contact image, mobile number, contact number, job status, company name etc which exist in vCard files are effectively converted from vCard file to new Excel file.

This tool supports every version of vCard - 2.1 & 3.0 and every version of MS Excel - 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000, 97 and 95 for vCard Conversion. Integrated with user friendly interface, VCF to Excel Convert program lets users effortlessly convert vCard to Excel without going through any special technical training.

Download vCard to Excel Converter to Import batch vCard file to Excel/CSV

If you want to perform your conversion task with ease and accuracy then download our vCard Converter. With demo version you can know how to transfer multiple vCard contacts to CSV & Excel. But demo version allows you to convert only first 5 contacts from vCard having multiple contact details. For multiple vCard to Excel/CSV conversion, go for the licensed copy of the software available at $49.