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IceWarp (Merak Mail) to Zimbra Migration Guide

Admin | September 5th, 2016 | Email Conversion

Want a quick yet precise solution migrating emails from Icewarp to Zimbra Webmail/Desktop? Then you are at right place. Here in the following article, you’ll get the complete information about both the applications : IceWarp vs Zimbra and the complete guide to import emails from IceWarp Merak Mail Server to Zimbra. What is IceWarp Mail […] Read More »

MDaemon Export PST process Just Got Simpler!

Admin | June 10th, 2016 | Email Conversion

Want to know how can you migrate MDaemon data files to Outlook? Then, read the following article, discussing about MDaemon, Outlook and the complete MDaemon Export PST Outlook procedure. About MDaemon MDaemon is a multilingual email and server application, which can be easily installed and run on all Windows editions. A feature rich application, it […] Read More »

MDaemon AddrBook.mrk, Calendar.mrk & HIWATER.MRK Files – An Overview

Admin | March 8th, 2016 | Email Conversion

MDaemon, developed by ALT-N Technologies, is a groupware email messaging server, running on Windows systems. When we open MDaemon/Users, at the store location of a local machine, a list of .msg files are displayed. Along with these .msg files, a few files having the extension .mrk (AddrBook.mrk, HIWATER.mrk, Imap.mrk), will also appear as shown below : […] Read More »

EMLX Format Viewer – Free Solution to Open EMLX files of Mac system in Windows

Admin | March 5th, 2016 | Email Conversion

A lot of users now have the requirement to view their EMLX/EML files, wherever they want, without worrying about the installation of their corresponding email programs. But HOW, is the question that needs an answer. Here is a problem shared by one of the users, having similar problem : “Before scraping my Mac Book having Mac OSX […] Read More »

How to Remove Attachment from Emails of Windows Live Mail and All Other Email Apps?

Admin | January 8th, 2016 | Email Conversion

Attachments form a great pair with the messages they get attached to ; but often they become a matter of chaos when they get increased in numbers and users wants to get rid of them. Which means, they want only the messages but not the attachments. Most of the email clients like Outlook Express, Windows […] Read More »

VHD Recovery

Admin | November 14th, 2015 | Email Conversion

VHD stands for Virtual Hard Disk representing storage in virtual machines created on host machine. A host computer can have multiple VHDs. Windows 7 and 2008 R2 editions have in-built software to create VHD on host machine.  A virtual hard drive is saved with the extension of .vhd in the hard drive of host machine. […] Read More »

Spy Pen Data Recovery to Recover Lost Data from Spy Pen Cameras

Admin | October 14th, 2015 | data recovery

Spy pen camera is a form of spy digital camera, used as hidden camera, performing the duties of secret agents. Other forms of digital spy camera includes: car-key chain, HD pen camera, spy glasses, socket camera, mini spy DVR camera etc. Despite being small in size, they possess the power to capture high quality images […] Read More »

Outlook to PDF Migration ~ Manual Method vs Third Party Tool

Admin | October 8th, 2015 | Email Conversion

Do you have MSG files that you want to convert to PDF ? How will you convert your MSG files to PDF? If you have Outlook 2010 installed into your system, then it is possible to manually import its email messages to PDF. Outlook 2010 has an option to directly import email messages from Outlook […] Read More »

Conversion from Zimbra Address Book to Outlook

Admin | September 28th, 2015 | Email Conversion

Zimbra is a desktop application, in which via single phase, we can access multiple accounts, as we access multiple accounts then its address book contains various contacts. All the contacts are safely saved in address book with an alphabetic manner. To manage all the contacts safely and in a secured way, it is not as easy as, it […] Read More »

Drone File Recovery ~ Camera Drone Video & Photo Recovery

Admin | September 23rd, 2015 | data recovery

What is Drone? Drone is a flying robot, well-known as a UAV (acronym for Unmanned Arial Vehicle), guided by a remote control or can fly independently supported by pre-programmed flight plan. It’s a highly advanced equipment gaining its usage in all the arenas of robotics, aeronautics and electronics. Apart from widely used in military, Drones […] Read More »